First Aid for Overseas Travel & Work

MARC Solutions offer a number of courses for those travelling for work or pleasure. Courses can be arranged to suit the needs of the individual or the group. The training can be specifically run to deal only with first aid, or can involve elements of security training as well. The length of time the course takes really does depend on you, your experience, knowledge, the places you are going to visit and the threats.

Travel & Work in Hostile Environments

On this course we focus on managing the kind of injuries that you would expect when working in such environments. These include gunshot, stabbing/penetrating injuries, blast wounds, animal bites, cold and heat injuries and more. Personal security, as you might expect, plays a big role in this training.

Examples of the content we can include:

Initially, we look at the reasons why tourists are targeted. Understanding why we are a target whilst overseas helps us determine good and effective measures, recognize key intervention points and select appropriate responses.

Your training will help you understand how to avoid becoming a victim by looking at the situations and reasons why and where we might become a target.

These include:

  • Checking before you travel
  • Meeting strangers
  • Airports
  • Transport
  • Hotels / accommodation
  • Visiting tourist hotspots
  • Bars, restaurants & cafes
  • Local culture language and body language
  • If the worst happens
  • Help from the Foreign Office
  • Local police / hospitals
  • Reporting crime
  • Responses to incidents – mugging, rape, assault, terror, robbery/mugging
  • Basic equipment to take
  • Situational awareness
  • Medical first aid – basic to advanced

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