Norwegian Refugee Council Medical Training

I would like to share some of the photos I took and feedback I received during a really enjoyable six months with the organisation. Enjoyable, not just because I have a passion for the work that I do, but because the NRC staff in Jordan are a very dedicated, professional and thoroughly nice bunch of people.

The training was based around the threats that staff face in Jordan. These include road traffic accidents, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism and even snake and scorpion bites. The organisation still required training that was certificated and I am able to issue a number of different qualifications, through the UK Health & Safety Executive, all of which last for three years. I also trained refresher-training instructors to monitor and keep staff skill levels high during the three years.

The three-day courses gave me the opportunity to cover more ground on the course and run a fairly sizeable exercise to test knowledge at the end of the training. It also gave me the chance to look closely at the students and select those with the right aptitude and flair for the subject to train as instructors. The one-day courses were no less enjoyable and we still managed to squeeze in four or five exercises to back up the theory. On several occasions, while running the exercises outdoors, members of the public tried to help, actually believing the casualties to be real!

Please click here to see some of the images from the training and read on for feedback from those who took part.

Client Feedback

“Paul demonstrated excellent knowledge and incredible passion for the subject matter and this came across during the training, which was incredibly useful and enjoyable”

“Every part of the course was very informative and the instructor passed on a great deal of experience”

“Can we have more medical courses please?”

Thank you Paul, learning and enjoying at the same time was the theme of your training. Thanks a lot, we appreciate it.

“Thank you all for your help and support. The training was made much better because you were there Paul”

“Everything we did was mainly because you were a great instructor. You made the material so easy to remember and fun to teach. So a big thank you to you”

“We really enjoyed the training. I couldn’t imagine that first aid can be that much fun”

 “You are among those who inspire people”

“The teaching was amazing. Thank you for the training and the advice throughout the training and teaching”

“On behalf of NRC I would like to thank Paul for his excellent teaching skills and courteous personality. He has helped us tremendously through the training; we have learnt so much from you; thank you for being remarkable”

“First of all, I would like to thank you very much for this wonderful training; I believe this kind of training is a huge added value to everyone working in the field”